Fireproofing Strategies for Your Home

The golden rule to remember is that no single home is truly fireproof. Regardless how careful your family can be, it can be a victim. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared. Everything starts from making sure that a firefighter can access your home, just in case there is a fire. This is very important, especially in the rural areas where the roads are steep and not well marked. It is very important to inspect your roads make sure that firefighters can access in event of an emergency.


Ensure that there are exit points in all rooms. The bedroom should have to exit points, mainly one large window, and the door. Do not only talk to your children about escape routes and fire safety. Have some exercise with them such as crawling on the floor in case there is a huge smoke. Let them learn how to use a ladder and drop outside. Make the exercise fun, by engaging. It should not something to scare them. You should have a meeting point in case of exit due to fire.


Treating the structure

When it comes to roofing, try to invest on the metals or asphalt shingles. They are less prone in catching the fire compared to the wood shakes. When you are building your home, always consider buying the wood, which will not catch the fire quite easily. Siding time, make sure to fiber cement options, which are resistant to fire and can protect your home.




Another major source of fire outbreak is poor outlets and wiring. While this can happen in many homes, it can be a very big problem in an older property. Pay attention to outlets that you see are going bad and have them replaced immediately. Some of the warning signs are the outlets that do not hold plugs very tight. You may observe some strange smoke or the sparks coming from the outlet. Dispose of the appliances, which are overheating.


Look at the YardFire may also generate from outside. It is very important to look at your landscaping very carefully. Create a fireproof zone all round your house. Have low vegetation and grass. Let your grass be watered to keep off fire from spreading. Your shrub trees should be some meters away from your house. Consider some fire-resistant plants like;


  • Rockrose
  • Sun rose
  • Ivy
  • Honeysuckle
  • Creeping rosemary
  • Green lavender cot
  • Periwinkle
  • African daisies


Make sure to water them and remove any dead branches and leaves to help them maintain the purpose of fire resistant.


Smoke Detectors and Extinguishers  


Make sure you also have alarms besides the detectors. Alarms should be placed in all the levels of the house. Make sure there are in good condition. You can test them occasionally. Make sure the extinguishers are in place and in good condition. Place them at the entrance of every room. Make sure to test them occasionally by spraying out in the field too. This will ensure that you are ready for an emergency since they are in good working condition.

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